High-school-reunion-diet-book2HIGH SCHOOL REUNION DIET

by David Colbert, MD

with Terry Reed


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Siri Hustvedt In a culture of obesity, poisonous fast food, myriad food phobias, and one weight loss diet more bizarre than the next, Dr. David Colbert and Terry Reed have written a lucid, lively book that offers its readers an antidote: sanity. Well researched, medically sound, and entirely free of hysteria, High School Reunion Diet is much more than a means to an end. It is a lively, smart primer on how to eat, not just for thirty days, but forever.

-Siri Hustvedt
Acclaimed Author of
The Sorrows of An American, and What I Loved

Molly RingwaldDr. Colbert is like your favorite high school teacher—very funny, a little sarcastic and a lot subversive. By translating nutritional science into a language we can finally relate to, he gets inside your head and turns your thinking around. Your body will never be the same again—and years later, you’ll probably still be thanking him for it.

-Molly Ringwald

Gael GreenWith its concise exposure of unnatural foods, in a voice somewhere between a savvy coach and a cheer leader, this book can help you master a healthier way to eat, crème brûlée included.

-Gael Greene

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Another High School Reunion Diet Success Story!

“Many things cause people to make a radical change–a new job, marriage or moving to a new city just to name a few. But for O’s creative director Adam Glassman it was a yearly physical with his doctor and the discovery of high blood pressure that caused him to re-evaluate his relationship with food. A self-described skinny kid, he says, “I never had to diet in my entire life.”

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Dr. Colbert’s Letter to the Editor, New York Times, July 29th

29letters-art-popupShould sugary foods be taxed?  High School Reunion Diet co-author Dr. David Colbert responds to Mark Bittman’s New York Times article about taxing unhealthy foods.

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Cosmetic and medical dermatologist Dr. Colbert gives his top tips for keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

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One Mom’s High School Reunion Diet