A 3 Course Meal, Dr. Colbert Style

Posted on January 28, 2010 
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Eating healthy food doesn’t mean giving up on taste or wonderful meals. In fact, Dr. Colbert dines in style and still manages to Eat the List.  Look at all the vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants he receives with this five star, three course dinner.  

  1. salad A bright green salad complete with Spinach for vitamins and nuts for a splash of protein….
  2. leek soup Next came the leek soup – delicious yet nutritious. Plus, soup is a great warm up for any dinner during the cold weather!
  3. fish The main course was fish with beans and anti-oxidant rich spices, topping off an excellent dinner.

There was no dessert for Dr. Colbert, but if you really need something sweet keep in mind that whole fruit is rich with flavor and packs a burst of natural sweetness without the health and beauty risks of refined sugar. 

If you have any three course meals that are High School Reunion Diet approved, we’d love to hear about them.  Just comment below.


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