Daniel and Keith from Nimble Fitness

Posted on January 28, 2010 
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nimble fitness Daniel Lucas (left) and Keith Paine (right) know what it takes to look your best. After all, fitness is their specialty. Not only do they offer classes including Spin Cycle, Yoga and Pilates but the boys stay in great shape themselves with a  proper diet and just the right amount of exercise!

To read a Nimble Fitness Myth Buster check out their recent blog post about losing weight. It’s a great look into the age old question “Is sweating the only way to burn calories?”Armed with Nimble knowledge and the High School Reunion Diet, you won’t be able to help looking 20 years younger!

For more information check out NimbleFitness.com and consider stopping by to pay the ‘Nimble Boyz’ a visit.


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