White Bread: Empty Calories

Posted on January 20, 2010 
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Why do doctors refer to white bread and other over-processed food items as “empty calories?”

Because it’s former food, which has been stripped of it’s nutrients and now offers less than zero by way of vitamins, minerals and, yes, sustenance.  Not only does the processing give white bread a negative nutritional value–it actually ADDS actively dangerous elements (like sugars, HFCS and preservatives) to every slice.  If white bread and other processed foods are consumed over time, they put you at risk for serious disease, including diabetes and many forms of cancer. Incidentally, on the Glycemic Index, where carbs are rated relative to how fast they turn to glucose in our systems, white bread gets the ranking 100, the very same as pure glucose.  For more info on the dangers of white bread, refer to  an article at Healthy Lifestyle blog.


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