Dr. Colbert’s Trip to Haiti

Posted on February 27, 2010 
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Shortly after the earthquake, Dr. Colbert (an internist as well as a dermatologist, with a fellowship in wound healing and ER experience) visited Haiti to help treat the countless victims of the disaster.  His accounting of his trip , and his assessment of what medical follow-up would be needed in the future, was published in The New York Post on February 7.  The article drew attention from many prominent people anxious to continue helping the Haitians recover from the devastation, and led to the establishment of Dr. Colbert’s not-for-profit organization, NYDG Foundation.  A benefit hosted by Dr. Colbert and several celebrities will be held in April.  Link here to The Huffington Post to read how you can help the Haitian earthquake victims, and for details about the event.

 It’s posted on the NY page and the title is “NYC Dermatologist Mobilizes
 “A List” to Help Haitian Amputees”


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