Dr. Colbert is a Guest on NBC’s Martha Stewart

Posted on March 3, 2010 
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Dr. David Colbert of High School Reunion Diet fame appeared on the Martha Stewart Show this morning, March 3.   The charming Ms. Stewart started the show off with a trip down memory lane with her guests, reminiscing about their high school days.  Martha reported that she’d been an athlete and a “goody-two-shoes.”  David noted that his favorite part about high school was leaving it.  Later in the show, the Doctor shared his Shopping List, recommending we eat certain foods on a daily basis to stay young and healthy, inside and out.  Included were:

MARTHA: The Martha Stewart Show

MARTHA: The Martha Stewart Show

Greek Yogurt for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect, and its ability to fight infection

Blueberries for the antioxidants and phytonutrients (read: pretty skin)

Kale, which he gave an A for its Vitamin A.  (Makes your eyes see better and sparkle more)

Spinach, as the most nutritious plant on planet earth

Red and Orange Bell Peppers, because great color means great nutrients

Almonds, for the kind of fat that helps keep you thin

Olive Oil, the world’s most famous fat, to be used in cooking every day

To see a clip of Dr. Colbert on the show, please go to NBC.com and click on The Martha Stewart Show


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