Great Grains

Posted on March 25, 2010 
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As we learned in The High School Reunion Diet, Carbs aren’t all bad for you.  It’s a matter of knowing the smart ones from the dumb ones. While the marketing terms of the packagers may take some decoding, ‘whole grain’ means smart carbs.

When reading a nutrition label for carbohydrates, be sure to read carefully, because the wording can be tricky. For example, “Made with whole grains” is a different thing from “100% Whole Grain.”  We don’t know just how much “made with’ really indicates.  It could be 2%, or it could be 92%.  There’s no way to know.

To be sure, flip over the box and check the list of ingredients. Whole grains should appear at the top, and be referred to as “whole.”  Stay away from refined flours and even ‘multi-grains’ unless they’re listed as whole. Your body will appreciate that whole grains offer sustained energy, while refined grains–often with added sugars that extend shelf life (i.e. white bread)– spike your blood sugar and then crash it, leading to a dangerous instability that can cause diabetes and other serious medical conditions.

For a list of common grains and what they do for your body check out this article on GirlHabits.


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