Rethink the Spices

Posted on March 19, 2010 
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On a recent blog post I found a shocking claim. The blogger who wrote this particular post was claiming that all spices are a negative when added to our favorite foods. After all, he wrote, they just “irritate” your system.

For anyone who’s not gasping right now, we have a little re-education to do! Which is ok, we’re all raised with a few misunderstandings about food.

After all, nutrition fibs die hard.

The good news is this: Spices are excellent for you! Especially the ones listed in The High School Reunion Diet.  Just for a quick example, did you know Rosemary is said to increase memory? And Oregano has powerful anti-oxidants that work miracles on a body.

The best part? Spices are what make our food taste good. They prevent that fish dinner from tasting the same every night. In fact, some of the best overall diets subsist on a matter of 10-15 core foods. The people who know how to utilize spices well are the ones who really enjoy those core dishes.

So throw out all that misinformation on spices being a bad thing. It’s time to bring taste back to the American plate!


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