Your HSRD Skin Beauty Shopping List

Posted on March 10, 2011 
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Paperback CoverWant beautiful, healthy, glowing young skin? Then start shopping! Key nutrients in certain foods target specific skin properties like clarity, radiance and texture. Here are just three skin “issues”–and the small adjustments in daily diet that can do wonders to improve them.
So if want…
1. Elasticity and tone — Buy Wheat Germ and Brazil Nuts (It’s the selenium, stupid.)
2. Skin renewal — Buy sunflower seeds, asparagus and onions (the silica promotes wound healing and healthy connective tissue)
3. Radiance and glow — Buy whole grains and Brewer’s Yeast (the B Vitamins are your skin’s BFF’s)
Watch here for more items to add to your shopping list! And don’t forget to eat them daily!


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