A 3 Course Meal, Dr. Colbert Style

Eating healthy food doesn’t mean giving up on taste or wonderful meals. In fact, Dr. Colbert dines in style and still manages to Eat the List.  Look at all the vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants he receives with this five star, three course dinner.  

  1. salad A bright green salad complete with Spinach for vitamins and nuts for a splash of protein….
  2. leek soup Next came the leek soup – delicious yet nutritious. Plus, soup is a great warm up for any dinner during the cold weather!
  3. fish The main course was fish with beans and anti-oxidant rich spices, topping off an excellent dinner.

There was no dessert for Dr. Colbert, but if you really need something sweet keep in mind that whole fruit is rich with flavor and packs a burst of natural sweetness without the health and beauty risks of refined sugar. 

If you have any three course meals that are High School Reunion Diet approved, we’d love to hear about them.  Just comment below.

Doctor’s Salmon Dish

Here’s another way to eat Salmon and get those Omega 3s we’ve been raving about. Notice the tiny amount of olive oil around the edges. Remember that olive oil is not only High School Reunion Diet approved; it’s encouraged. Also in this particular meal is celery, carrots, lemons, a chili pepper and some of our favorite spices.


Fish and Greens

doctor's dinner

Fish is filled with Omega 3 fatty acids which are linked to a dozen health benefits, including longevity. No wonder Dr. Colbert eats so many!

Doctor’s Artichokes


Dr. Colbert enjoys an awesome artichoke dish at Dressler in Williamsburg.

After all, with it’s fresh market approach to food, Dressler is the perfect place a to apply your new High School Reunion Diet knowledge! Just check out their Baby Greens, Beets and Artichokes. Yum!

After Show Dish

doctor's dish

Doctor Colbert enjoys  Cod with White Beans in a Balsamic Reduction at Dressler restaurant  in Williamsburg, New York.

He shared this tasty meal with friends and colleagues Dr. Marianne Gillow, Elle fashion director Anne Slowey , and photographer Douglas Friedman after seeing comedian Mike Albo’s show Unitard. Dr. Marianne Gillow (the NYDG psychiatrist) and Dr. Colbert discussed the importance of incorporating humor into your lifestyle in order to achieve and sustain weight loss. The expert says that a positive and hopeful outlook has proven to have measurable effects on the health of both body and mind.

Anne Slowey and photographer Douglas Friedman from “The Bachelor” both ordered skin-boosting sea bass and artichokes.

No one gained a pound.

Crosby Street Hotel

The Doctor’s Dinner with Friends, Fellow Surfers, and the Fabulous

Dr. Colbert joined star chef and fellow surfer Sam Talbot of Montauk’s Surf Lodge; Jill Demling–entertainment editor of Vogue Magazine; Danny Dimauro of Surf Lodge; Shelby Meade–rep of surfing world champ Kelly Slater; Sumner Strauss–daughter of Hawaiian surfing legend P. Strauss; jewelry designers Jill Platner and Saira Doom.  The dinner was fresh, delicious and High School Reunion Diet friendly from start to finish. The most popular dish of the evening was kale with portobello mushrooms and squash.






Jill PlatnerJill Platner jewelry

Saira DoomJill Platner jewelry

Danny DiMauroSurf Lodge

Sam Talbot – Star Chef, of America’s Top Chef

Dr. Colbert has dinner at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho with friends, chefs–and fellow surfers–and discovers a few new High School Reunion Diet fans!

The Doctor’s Dinner

The Doctor’s Dinner

After a long day at the office, the doctor dropped down the street to Aldea, a beautiful local restaurant with a brilliant, fresh-market approach to food.

Taking a seat at the bar, the doctor and friend were served a crusty fresh-baked whole wheat bread, with a dipping dish of extra virgin olive oil.

Next, he dined on a brilliantly-hued Butternut and Kabocha Squash Soup, and a delicious Shrimp Alhinho appetizer prepared with garlic, coriander, and pimento.  His main course was fish—a dazzling Sea-Salted Chatham Cod with braised cranberry, baby shiitake mushrooms, and tarragon-parsley coulis.  From beginning to end, the meal was all True Food.

After dinner, star Chef George Mendes swung by to say hello and receive proper kudos.

Though dinner in such high style doesn’t have to be a daily occurrence, and you can definitely dress it down at home, the operating principle should always stay the same: the best ingredients, and an artful preparation that remains essentially simple at heart.