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photo-7Maybe because it’s both fast and natural….

High School Reunion Diet is becoming the go-to plan for New York’s top actors and models, many of whom endorsed the book.  If you haven’t read it yet, and still don’t realize how very much even small adjustments in diet can improve your looks and rejuvenate your skin… waste no time ordering it at or  If you’d like to know a bit more before you buy, here is an expert evaluation from Web.MD….

The High School Reunion Diet

By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD

WebMD Expert Column

The High School Reunion Diet: What It Is

Want to look your best at your high school reunion? The High School Reunion Diet promises to help you look slimmer, healthier, and younger in 30 days — just in time for that reunion or other special event.

The No. 1 secret to glowing, younger-looking skin, according to author David Colbert, MD, a New York dermatologist, is a diet of healthy, unprocessed foods. Such a diet, he says, is “better than Botox,” Colbert says.

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“I noticed my great-looking clients [who include actresses Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz] were also the ones who ate whole, fresh foods from their gardens, and so I began researching how a healthy diet could help you lose weight and turn back the hands of time,” he says.

Processed foods, sugary beverages, and other forms of sugars are the reason Americans are fat, Colbert says. He also believes that, like the sun, sugar ages the skin and body. “It can spike blood sugar to dangerously high levels and cause inflammation, which makes you look old,” he says.

In his eating plan, these foods are replaced with natural, nutrient-rich and, preferably, organic foods from your local farmers market.

“Eliminating most processed foods (including sugary food and drinks) is the single most important thing you can do to improve your appearance, weight, and health,” he says.

The High School Reunion Diet: What You Can Eat

During the first, “detox” phase of The High School Reunion Diet, you focus on eating only “true” foods, including:

Brightly colored vegetables, especially green ones

Some whole fruits (only berries and the occasional apple, orange or grapefruit)


Lean meat

Healthy fats

Omega 3 rich fish


Herbs and spices

Dieters are encouraged to drink lots of water — six to eight glasses or more. Tea and coffee are OK, too.

Here’s a sample menu for Level 1:

Breakfast: Egg white omelet and coffee

Snack: Half a cup of plain yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon agave, and 1/2 cup blueberries

Lunch: Salad with goat cheese, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, and vinaigrette

Snack: Two celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter or cottage cheese

Dinner: Salmon, roasted broccoli, green salad with veggies, sparkling water

After losing 5-10 pounds during the first two weeks, dieters advance to the second phase for two weeks or longer. This phase includes more fruits, plus whole grains and wine with dinner, and is similar to the recommendations of the U.S. government’s Food Pyramid.

What’s not on the menu during either phase are foods labeled processed: Sodas (diet or regular), fruit juices, sugary beverages, sports drinks, beer, liquor, trans fats, instant and fast foods, and anything containing sugar in all its forms (such as high-fructose corn syrup).

But the author says some minimally processed foods can be healthy, like steel-cut oats, tuna packed in water, and (rinsed) canned beans.

The book suggests that you supplement the diet with a multivitamin with minerals, a fish oil capsule, vitamin E and vitamin C to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, plus an extra dose of antioxidants and omega-3s. The bottom line, Colbert says, is that foods that don’t come wrapped in a package are more likely to contain healthy nutrients, fats, fiber, and antioxidants.

“All the additives, preservatives, sugars, salt, and food colorings in our food supply are not natural and the culprits to our unhealthy nation of overweight and obese people,” Colbert says.

The first phase of The High School Reunion Diet is designed to help you get over your “addiction” to poor-quality food, Colbert says. In phase two, you’ll whittle your waistline and work toward youth recovery.

There’s no counting calories or carbs in The High School Reunion Diet. And although it encourages exercise, there’s no fitness plan outlined in the book. Indeed, The High School Reunion Diet makes clear that it’s not a “diet” per se, but a road map for eating for beauty and health.

Still, if you replace processed junk foods in your diet with the healthier, more natural ones touted in The High School Reunion Diet, you’ll cut calories and lose weight as a result.

Mel and High School Reunion Diet

mel ottenbergMel Ottenberg browses the pages of High School Reunion Diet while taking a break from his post as Fashion  Stylist.

Mike Cooks HSR Diet Friendly Meals!

Our favorite Mathematician and Food Promoter, Mike, ready to cook up some of his favorite High School Reunion Diet approved meals!mike

Sara VanBeckum


Sara VanBeckum,went to Wauwatosa East High School, outside of Milwaukee.  She was crowned homecoming queen and played tennis.  Now she works as an actress, does voice overs for Jergen’s, Lee Jeans, and Royal Caribbean, and keeps up with her reading, as pictured here.

Robin with The HSR Diet

photoRobin Stroll went to Woodlands High School in Hartsdale, NY.  She was a tennis player and still works on her amateur photography. Now she also uses her creative energy as an Account Executive at Graphic Systems Group, a graphics/printing/design firm.

She plays tennis and sticks to the daily routine recommended in The High School Reunion Diet to stay looking fit and feeling fab!

Tom from Li & Fung

photo (63)Tom Behringer sits in Dr. Colbert’s chair with the HSRDiet. He’s a proud graduate of St. Francis Prep in Fresh Meadows, Queens, and now works in the fashion industry as Senior Sales Executive at Li and Fung USA.

Daniel and Keith from Nimble Fitness

nimble fitness Daniel Lucas (left) and Keith Paine (right) know what it takes to look your best. After all, fitness is their specialty. Not only do they offer classes including Spin Cycle, Yoga and Pilates but the boys stay in great shape themselves with a  proper diet and just the right amount of exercise!

To read a Nimble Fitness Myth Buster check out their recent blog post about losing weight. It’s a great look into the age old question “Is sweating the only way to burn calories?”Armed with Nimble knowledge and the High School Reunion Diet, you won’t be able to help looking 20 years younger!

For more information check out and consider stopping by to pay the ‘Nimble Boyz’ a visit.

Miranda Kerr Looking Beautiful as Ever

Alt TextI’m a 24-7 model crisscrossing the globe for my work. I don’t want crash diets–I want to eat healthy and smart for life, and Dr. Colbert’s style of daily diet gives me what it takes to look and feel my best. – Miranda Kerr

Miranda was recently photographed for a Victoria’s Secret swimwear shoot in St. Barts. Clearly the healthy eating is paying off with her beautifully trim figure!

Melissa Foss Knows Style

melissa fossMelissa Foss knows what’s in style now and, even better, what’s up next. A Texan who moved to NY to follow her Devil-Wears-Prada-esque dream, Melissa is a contributing editor at and and recently hosted the AOL/Bluefly web series “America’s Most Stylish Blogger,” working with guest hosts such as Nicole MillerKelly Cutrone, and Adam Lippes. She has been on staff as an Editor at Harper’s BazaarMarie Claire, and Good Housekeeping and has written for InStyle, Parade, Shape, and People Style Watch. She has also appeared frequently on the Today Show, and The Tyra Banks Show, E! News, and the Rachael Ray Show. If you have a question or an idea, send them her way. She can talk about this stuff all day, every day.

Her husband Kris will (reluctantly) agree. As will her vicious Maltese,
Clover. They all live in NYC in an apartment in dire need of closet space.

See her here, looking as stylish as ever, with the High School Reunion Diet in hand.

Alyssa Siemon

simeoneAlyssa Siemon will be producing ‘The White Devil‘ this summer in the ‘Anyone but Shakespeare Festival’.  She graduated from  Florida School of the Arts in Palatka, FL.

She’s looking good and staying fit until then!

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