Carroll’s Note to Dr. Colbert

I LOVE IT! Your genius is so pure, uplifting, inviting, encouraging, fun and brilliant. Especially with the great recipes, every one of which I will make!

High School Reunion Diet is marvelous, immediately debunking old diet buzz words with grace as you give the World the truest way to healthy beauty and well-being without false promises or guarantees. You give us the truth with flair and enthusiasm.

Reading your book is like drinking the most nourishing tall cool glass of spring water when parched and discouraged.

I looked pretty good at my 50th High School Reunion but now, for the 55th, I’ll look even better!
- Carroll Jones West

Wellness Coach, Linda Shields

photo (58)

Linda Shields is one of New York’s best known Wellness Coaches and a fabulous person to boot.  Learn more about her work by visiting her website.

Siri Hustvedt and The High School Reunion Diet

siri hustvedt

“In a culture of obesity, poisonous fast food, myriad food phobias, and one weight loss diet more bizarre than the next, Dr. David Colbert and Terry Reed have written a lucid, lively book that offers its readers an antidote: sanity. Well researched, medically sound, and entirely free of hysteria, High School Reunion Diet is much more than a means to an end. It is a lively, smart primer on how to eat, not just for thirty days, but forever.” – Siri Hustvedt

Siri Hustvedt who went to St. Olaf College with Dr. Colbert is now a well known author.  Her last two books included The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves and The Sorrows of an American: A Novel.

On top of those, she has new book coming out soon and is preparing for a book tour in Europe (looking radiant as always!).

Emily Fine

photo (51)

Emily Fine, graduate of Robert F. Kennedy High School has New York’s favorite title: Closer. She also adores the High School Reunion Diet!

Stacy Leigh

photo (9)

Stacy Leigh, host of national syndicated radio show “The Movie Show and More” has been heard on both the Business Talk and Radio Network and Lifestyle Talk Radio Network. In an upcoming show Dr. Colbert will be sharing insights  about the High School Reunion Diet and his experiences in the New York Dermatology Group-Haiti relief project.

Fabien from Iguazu Day Spa

photo (8)

Originally from Paris, Fabien Azoulay can be found working as the Owner of The Iguazu Day Spa at 350 Hudson Street.
It’s a great place to go and unwind for a deep tissue massage (212-647-0007) . Plus, stress free days do miracle for the complexion!

Paige Novick

photo (6)

Paige Novick, Designer of her beautiful jewlry line, is looking better than every!  Check out her Bergdorf Goodman collection on the 5th floor in NYC or take a look at her site for national and international stores.


linda cordaroLinda Cordaro wants you to support the Breast Cancer Walk in Purchase, NY at
Cardinal Spellman  High School.

Thalia and Tommy

(R) Thalia and (L) husband Tommy Mottola attends the celebration to the release of her new album "Lunada" on June 17, 2008 at Nikki Midtown in New York.

“With four sisters–and my mother, and my grandmother–there isn’t a beauty secret I haven’t heard or tried. I find the best prescription for beauty is eating healthy, low gylcemic-index foods as described in Dr. Colbert’s ingenious High School Reunion Diet.”

-Thalia, beautiful Mexican singer and former actress (pictures above with hubby Tommy Mottola)

Maxine Tall at WT Management

photo (50)Maxine Tall, photography agent for WT Management says,  “Dr. Colbert’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of skin and health has been invaluable to me.  He is a superstar as both a doctor and a human being.”

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