Your HSRD Skin Beauty Shopping List

Paperback CoverWant beautiful, healthy, glowing young skin? Then start shopping! Key nutrients in certain foods target specific skin properties like clarity, radiance and texture. Here are just three skin “issues”–and the small adjustments in daily diet that can do wonders to improve them.
So if want…
1. Elasticity and tone — Buy Wheat Germ and Brazil Nuts (It’s the selenium, stupid.)
2. Skin renewal — Buy sunflower seeds, asparagus and onions (the silica promotes wound healing and healthy connective tissue)
3. Radiance and glow — Buy whole grains and Brewer’s Yeast (the B Vitamins are your skin’s BFF’s)
Watch here for more items to add to your shopping list! And don’t forget to eat them daily!


Republicans defend michelleIn the homey parlance of the former Governor of Alaska, “You betcha.”  Recently, conservatives have been piling-on–heaping criticism on the First Lady merely because she’s trying to fight a national crisis (child obesity) with common sense (healthy diet).  Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Rush Limbaugh have been among those, predictably, taking potshots, with Palin going so far as to mock the First Lady on her reality show, and Limbaugh going so far as to insult her figure on his radio show.

But not all Republicans find fault with the First Lady’s hard fought campaign to save children from overweight and obesity.  This past Sunday, two prominent Republicans defended her and her Let’s Move Program on national TV.  On Fox News, Mike Huckabee dismissed the insults and criticism, saying, “What Michelle Obama is proposing is not that the government tells you that you can’t eat dessert…”  She just wants us “to recognize that we have a serious obesity crisis–which we do,”  On another channel, appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” New Jersey governor Chris Christie was also sticking up for Mrs. Obama, saying, “I think it’s a really good goal to encourage kids to eat better,” and then added a personal note, “I struggled with my weight for 30 years…If a kid can avoid that…more power to them and I think the first lady is speaking out well.”