Nate Berkus Web Exclusive: Taking Care Of Your Skin

Cosmetic and medical dermatologist Dr. Colbert gives his top tips for keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

One Mom’s High School Reunion Diet

Your HSRD Skin Beauty Shopping List

Paperback CoverWant beautiful, healthy, glowing young skin? Then start shopping! Key nutrients in certain foods target specific skin properties like clarity, radiance and texture. Here are just three skin “issues”–and the small adjustments in daily diet that can do wonders to improve them.
So if want…
1. Elasticity and tone — Buy Wheat Germ and Brazil Nuts (It’s the selenium, stupid.)
2. Skin renewal — Buy sunflower seeds, asparagus and onions (the silica promotes wound healing and healthy connective tissue)
3. Radiance and glow — Buy whole grains and Brewer’s Yeast (the B Vitamins are your skin’s BFF’s)
Watch here for more items to add to your shopping list! And don’t forget to eat them daily!

WalMart Joins Mrs. Obama’s Anti-Obesity Efforts

Leslie Dach (Executive Vice President of Wal-Mart) appeared on the Colbert Report to discuss the initiative to make healthier food more affordable to Wal-Mart consumers. The initiative came out of discussions the company has been having with Michelle Obama and the “Let’s Move” program.

“The High School Reunion Diet” in Woman’s World Magazine– January 3, 2011

“Body weight is determined by caloric intake and also by signals sent to and from the brain, says Dr. Colbert.”

Click here to read the complete article.



Click here to see the complete article

There are a lot of wacky and dangerous detox diets out there. The plan we’re about to share with you isn’t one of them. Created by Mother Nature and adapted for the modern woman by top New York City dermatologist David Colbert, M.D., this buzzed-about cleanse “is better than a new wonder drug better than a diet pill, better than Botox” promises Dr. Colbert. “It’s affordable, it feels good, it’s very safe, and it gives your body exactly what it needs to heal and rejuvenate.” Sure, ” there are side effects-but only the good kind: effortless weight loss, surging energy, improved memory, disappearing wrinkles, shinier hair and an allover radiance. “You can literally lose 20 years in 30 days,” promises the pro, who counts celebs and supermodels among his success stories. “The difference is amazing.”

A new way to succeed

Dr. Colbert’s plan began coming together as he realized patients were looking for a different kind of anti-aging magic. “Botox can smooth wrinkles, but it won’t give you a healthy glow,” he says. (‘And that glow is what people are after-even if they don’t realize it. That’s when you get compliments on how young you look; that’s when you start to feel young.” Bonus: “A faster, younger metabolism is definitely part of the package!” So how do you get glowing? Dr. Colbert’s key recommendation is trading processed foods

for totally unprocessed ones: fresh fish instead of fish sticks, nuts instead of chips, berries instead of pie. “Processed food contains so many chemicals, trans-fats, unhealthy sweeteners and other junk that I consider it poison,” he says. “When you replace toxic food with food that truly no wishes your body, you’ll slim down and erase signs of aging pretty quickly.” To accelerate results even more . .

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Dr. Colbert, author of The High School Reunion Diet, created a special quick results version of his approach. Most use the jumpstart “detox” for three to six weeks. The plan is designed to help even the most tired and overweight body quickly reboot, repair damage and restore itself to optimal health. Here’s a ll there is to it:

1. Choose the simplest food possible.

“Natural and unprocessed foods contain the highest concentration of nutrients needed to flush out your system so that you automatically lose weight and look younger,” Dr. Colbert says. “In my experience, the more one-ingredient foods you eat, the better your results will be.” So stick to absolute basics-like eggs, broccoli, apples, olive oil-most of the time.

2. Give overworked systems a rest.

Odds are you’ve been overloading on sugar and other processed carbs, says Dr. Colbert. Which means the hormones your body uses to process sugar and carbs are overworked, possibly even malfunctioning in a way that makes you gain weight and age faster. So give ‘em a chance to recover. While detoxing, you’ll stick to just one serving of whole grains a day, limit yourself to low-sugar fruit, and meet the rest of your carb needs by eating nuts, beans and non starchy vegetables. Dr. Colbert says it’s an easy way to reduce calorie consumption, kill cravings, enhance fat burning and restore lost vitality.

3. If it feels bad, stop.

“There is absolutely no starvation and no deprivation allowed,” Dr. Colbert insists. “Listen to your body, and eat when you’re hungry and until you feel slightly full. You don’t improve your health by hurting yourself.” This same concept applies to workouts. “Gentle exercise -at least 20 minutes a day- is hugely beneficial to the detox process. So go for a nice walk, a bike ride, a swim. But you want it to feel invigorating, never uncomfortable.”

Big, beautiful results!

Readers who’ve tested Dr. Colbert’s simple, wholesome regimen say it did indeed help them get radiant in a single month. And it helped them lose weight like a teenager, tool “I had my husband come look at the scale to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong,” smiles Missouri mom Christy Mouse, 52, who shed a whopping 28 pounds in 30 days. “I had no idea my body could change so fast. I really do feel so much lighter and younger. This diet is wonderful!” Want to see for yourself? Everything you need is on these pages!

Help Fight The HSRD War on Sugar

High School Reunion Diet WAR ON SUGAR. Stealth sugars are lurking in most of the packaged food and drink on supermarket shelves. Fight back. Learn this lesson from the High School Reunion Diet and teach it to your family and friends.

Michelle Obama out to change School Lunch

Michelle Obama is at it again. This time her target is the school lunches served in cafeterias across the country. I’m sure you all remember your school’s lunch (I know ours often had greasy pizza and processed mozzarella sticks on the menu) but instead of getting better, many schools are getting worse as time goes on.

The federal school lunch program feeds 31 million underprivileged children in the United States every year. Of those 31 millions, many are exposed to mozzarella sticks with 21 grams of fat or pizza made of 25 artificial ingredients.

Michelle is fighting to change that. Of course, healthy food doesn’t come cheap. If a new budget it passed, an extra $1 per meal will be allotted to healthy changes. However, some people are afraid an extra dollar isn’t enough.

So what can you do to prevent your kid from eating unhealthy foods in the cafeteria?

1. Pack lunches. This is a cost effective way to make sure your little one gets all the right nutrition. Carrot sticks, sandwiches on whole grain bread and yogurt cups are great alternatives to chicken nuggets and french fries.

2. Teach your son or daughter about smart choices. Many schools have an a la carte option that allows students to choose the foods they like. Make sure your child picks the right items like fruits and veggies when available.

3. Ask for a copy of the school lunch schedule. It can be inconvenient to pack lunches every day so just pack them on the days there are no good alternatives on the menu. When healthier options come around, skip the packing and let your kid buy.

Health & Beauty at Barneys New York

Barneys New York exclusively features the new Colbert, MD product line “Daily Nutrition for the Skin.” The coveted serums and creams are sold on the cosmetics floor, along with The High School Reunion Diet, the book that teaches beauty and health through nutrition, by Dr. David Colbert and Terry Reed.  Join Dr. Colbert, Linda Wells (moderator), and other expert panelists at Fred’s Restaurant at Barneys Wednesday, April 28th.  eblst10_barneys_2

Dr. Colbert is a Guest on NBC’s Martha Stewart

Dr. David Colbert of High School Reunion Diet fame appeared on the Martha Stewart Show this morning, March 3.   The charming Ms. Stewart started the show off with a trip down memory lane with her guests, reminiscing about their high school days.  Martha reported that she’d been an athlete and a “goody-two-shoes.”  David noted that his favorite part about high school was leaving it.  Later in the show, the Doctor shared his Shopping List, recommending we eat certain foods on a daily basis to stay young and healthy, inside and out.  Included were:

MARTHA: The Martha Stewart Show

MARTHA: The Martha Stewart Show

Greek Yogurt for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect, and its ability to fight infection

Blueberries for the antioxidants and phytonutrients (read: pretty skin)

Kale, which he gave an A for its Vitamin A.  (Makes your eyes see better and sparkle more)

Spinach, as the most nutritious plant on planet earth

Red and Orange Bell Peppers, because great color means great nutrients

Almonds, for the kind of fat that helps keep you thin

Olive Oil, the world’s most famous fat, to be used in cooking every day

To see a clip of Dr. Colbert on the show, please go to and click on The Martha Stewart Show