Dr. Colbert’s Metabolism Meal

lunchDr. Colbert sat down with this tasty lunch of veggies, cabbage and lettuce today. He sent this tip along with the meal – “Stoke your metabolism during lunch”.

That’s right, don’t skip this super important meal! There is always time to keep your body in tip top shape.

City Bakery Lunch No. 2

doctor's lunch

Dr. Colbert’s lunch includes:

Doc’s Lunch – Salad

Take notes on this one!

Doctor Colbert always gets a ton of veggies in his meals. As a general rule of thumb the richer the colors, the better foods are (if those colors are naturally made, of course!). Which is exactly why Dr. Colbert always has such vibrant meals on his plate.

In this salad:

Doctor’s Lunch : Anti-oxidant rich!

doctor's lunchLunching on anti-oxidants and vitamins! Broccoli, Zucchini and Mushrooms : delicious.

Doctor’s Lunch: Brilliant Greens

  1. photo (52)
  2. photo (54)
  3. photo (56)

Brilliant colors are the key to energy.

This Doctor’s Dish includes:

- Chick Peas

-  Cabbage

- Carrots

- Green Beans

Delicious and Nutritious

doctor's lunch

Check out Doctor Colbert’s lunch – a dish of squash, spinach, arugala, yams and jerk chicken! Almost every vitamin imaginable is here.

Dr. Colbert’s Asian Lunch

asian salad

Delicious Asian salad with a load of green veggies!

Dr. Colbert’s Breakfast

_Media Card_BlackBerry_pictures_IMG03541-20100113-1021

Dr. Colbert’s protein packed breakfast.

Plus, his trusty companion, The HSR Diet.

The Doctor’s Lunch

Dr. Colbert creates another City Bakery salad masterpiece of brillant colors and nature’s best farmer’s market foods from union square!

Who says New Yorkers don’t eat farm fresh?!

  1. photo (2)
  2. doctor's dish salad2
  3. doctor's dish salad3
  4. doctor's dish salad 5
  5. doctor's dish salad 6

The Doctor’s Lunch: Salmon Triangles and the NY Times

salmon radishes

Here’s an after New Years Eve Doctor’s Dish.

Salmon (Omega-3 heaven!) on Multi-Grain

Top it off with the New York Times, and you have yourself a top notch meal.

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